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11.07.2013 , 02:03 PM | #343
I can tell you right now what my over-riding fear is.

One of the things that has come up consistently both here in the polls and in Cantina events is a desire for the continuation of class story in some form. Class story is what got many of us hooked, and was the KEY selling point of what made this MMO different from others.

However, in those cantina tours (and I know first hand from the one I attended in Chicago, actually Rosemont), when the question has been brought up (and echoed in the other cantina tours based on the transcripts I read on them), is a total sales job on planetary quests, and telling people essentially to forget about class story quests, using Makeb as an example.

So my chief fear, and one my sub is riding on, is whether class quests continue in some form. And maybe its just my lense, but what Eric said about polls feeds into that fear, as I don't know if he would have worded it the same way if Class Stories wasn't the #1 request.

I just wish there was more dialogue on class stories coming from up top, instead of trying to sugar coat telling the player base "you're gonna take your planetary stories and you're gonna like it or else!" Makeb crapped all over the class stories, trivializing them to ridiculous lengths.

I get how its more expensive to continue the class story line. I just wish the devs would commit to better writing and work to better incorporate class storylines into the planetary stories as well as use the planetary stories to push class agendas further, instead of just paying each class lip service and then telling them to go on their merry way.

I just have no faith in the writing and development team to achieve that, because we have a horrible attempt at that in Makeb, which otherwise was a decent planet story addition, and based on the poll and cantina comments, there's no hope of it getting any better going forward.