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The reason there are so many bugs is because the employees are slacking off. The glitches just keep building up because they don't spend enough time fixing them. If they fixed things regularly we wouldn't have all of these problems. which is one of the points I'm trying to make. Plus I don't play Sith assassin so I don't care about that glitch. I just want my own class fixed.
slacking off? seriously? you are quickly passing into the realm of absurdity and irrelevance. There are multiple teams working on multiple sub projects within the game. They have a defined development schedule and priority lists of bugs that take priority over others. There are devs well aware of this problem, there are devs who know with 100% what it will take to fix this bug. It may or may not be "simple" nor may it be a high priority over other bugs that have higher impact. Its a visual glitch it is minor issue (unless you also complain about armor clipping).

the best way i could describe this, imagine a giant monster, ugly smelly covered in **** and oozing. Each "bug" represents a portion of this monster. Some may be an arm, a leg, a weapon, some hit points, etc.... This particular bug would be a tiny wart on its butt that would be so innocuous to represent anything of significance.