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Quote: Originally Posted by VitalityPrime View Post
I can understand that there are probably bugs out there that are far more important than a visual fx bug.

However, telling them to flat out not fix a bug is ridiculous.
no more so than DEMANDING that this one be fixed as soon as it can be.

I here by dub this color issue the MIB (Most Important Bug) and demand that all hands on deck be used to fix this game breaking bug that prevents me from doing any other ability and making progress in my quests. The pure graphic problem causes me to immediately shutdown my PC and restart into something else thus making me unable to progress beyond my current state. Also due to the constant shutdowns I demand compensation for time not played to the sum of a free day per day this is not fixed.

Fair warning that the NMIB (Next Most Important bug) is all the clipping issues on ALL armor and weapons. And this if not fixed IMMEDIATELY after the MIB I will start a new thread demanding that the MIB always be all hands on deck. This will continue until all MIBs are fixed we can then proceed on to less important issues like content and class balance.