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Paying a subscription gives you the right to post on the forum, and demand anything you want.

Bioware has a right to ignore your demands.

You're paying a game subscription. It doesn't make you part of the development team or give you power to set development priorities. Bioware said they know about your bug. The fact that they haven't fixed it yet should tell you that they feel its a very minor bug and that the developers are working on things they feel are more important. I will admit that I would agree with that assessment. Nothing is displayed in a confusing manner. Nothing is failing to display. This is purely cosmetic, and not even on a visual that is continuously visible. It's a minor color difference on a 2 second ability animation that occurs --at most-- a couple times a minute. The 'Pink Assassin' bug and "Unmatched Cutscene Equipment" bugs are far more annoying that this.

Until you're willing to pay the $50 per-hour, per-person cost of fixing the bug (and this is not a "one person for 10 minutes" bug), then you don't get to decide what bugs are fixed and what gets left for some other week.

REQUEST: Bioware: Do not fix this bug. There are many other bugs that are far more important. Work on them first.
The reason there are so many bugs is because the employees are slacking off. The glitches just keep building up because they don't spend enough time fixing them. If they fixed things regularly we wouldn't have all of these problems. which is one of the points I'm trying to make. Plus I don't play Sith assassin so I don't care about that glitch. I just want my own class fixed.