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From this you would imagine PvP would be top of the votes as that's the direction that the SSSP took.
This poll is taken in the context that we already are getting space PVP, so why would people ask for it? Space PVP is different than ground PVP, so throwing them together would be a mistake.

Likewise if the development team are looking at what the player base want this poll gives them a good idea. Is class story something that should be ignored to focus on more generic story, it seems this would not be acting on player/fan feed back. So if we don't see any more class story it would be wrong for any more blogs to say we are acting on what the players want.
Acting on some suggestions from the fanbase does not mean that they are forever obligated to act on every popular suggestion ever. It would not be wrong to continue to say that they act on our suggestions, even though they only act on some of them. The suggestion has to be feasible, it has to fit with their chosen direction of the game, and something that will fit in their time and budget.

You also have to consider what they're already working on, and if certain suggestions conflict or enhance features already in development.