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You have to admit though Eric... this poll has been good for the community and good for Bioware. I know you guys have great telemetry in game and many channels for feedback.... but what I appreciate about forum polls is that they separate player projection upon what "other players want" and allow the forum members to all have a equal voice into a reasonable gathering method to actually collectively state what players want.

I can see why polls could get out of hand in the forum and make for more moderation load for you and your staff... but it would be outstanding of you would initiate some polling from time to time to gather inputs from the forum members. We would be grateful if you did.
I won't disagree with any of the points you have made. Polling definitely has many benefits, and understanding player feedback from the forums is certainly a component of that.

You didn't actually hit on the reason we don't do them generally, and that is perception. I realize I just insinuated that there is a perception problem (dirty words!!!) but hear me out first . Unfortunately the forums can exist in a vacuum. That is, that people will often think that what is reflected in the forums is always the reality of how things are for everyone. Polling all too often reinforces that belief. Let me give you an example.

Let's say someone posted a poll "What Warzone map style would you like to see next in a new map? Huttball, Alderaan, or Voidstar"

After 2 weeks or so of voting, Alderaan has the most votes with 40%, and 300 people voting for it. 3 months later, we release a new patch, and we have a new Huttball map. The general users of the forums, will not be pleased. If you look at the poll and only at the poll you will get things like "EVERYONE AGREED WE WANTED ALDERAAN!" By making the poll, it is implied that the poll is the core metric to a decision being made; it is just one component. That is not to say forum opinion doesn't matter, of course. It is just that it is merely a sampling.

Think of it this way... in my previous example 300 people voted for the winning selection. I will spare you the math, but if hundreds of thousands of people play SWTOR, 300 is a fraction of a percent. We can't sway entire decisions based on just that poll. However, people look to polls to justify decisions and unfortunately things just aren't that simple.

That is the long form on why we typically don't do polling.

TLDR - People assume poll results indicate // guarantee actual majority opinion and assume it will solely affect decision making.

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