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Given in the last few posts from the development team there has been talk of listening to the player base and thanking the fans and telling us they are taking note this poll should have been created by the community team to give weight to the design choices of the development team. After all from the galactic star fighters blog

From this you would imagine PvP would be top of the votes as that's the direction that the SSSP took. Likewise if the development team are looking at what the player base want this poll gives them a good idea. Is class story something that should be ignored to focus on more generic story, it seems this would not be acting on player/fan feed back. So if we don't see any more class story it would be wrong for any more blogs to say we are acting on what the players want.
Well considering PvP is one of the lowest scoring items we have to assume one or some combination of the following.

1. This poll doesn't match what their internal numbers show.
2. They work on whatever they want to and don't follow poll numbers.