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This is not true. Well run polls are good indicators because they follow best practices that lead to results that match reality, IE election polls match the results of elections, however polls that are poorly run don't match with results at all. There is nothing magical about a poll, it's a tool that requires correct usage just like any other tool.
OK... you have placed your stake in the ground. Now.. prove this poll is not a statistically accurate representation of what subscribers desire. Right now, all we have is your stake in the ground. Please provide proof if you wish us to endorse your stake in the ground.

Look.. I get what you are saying regarding polling best practices. I agree with you from a clinical sense. However, a poll does not have to apply 100% best practices for it to be an accurate representation (+/- polling uncertainty) of what the polled audience desires. What we don't have here is what the uncertainty factor is... and nor do we really need it for a cross section multi-answer poll. This is not a poll of PvP YES/NO or Raids YES/NO or <insert your pet agenda here>.
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