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Completely disagree, the people who are going to be attracted to his poll and to his particular sub forum in general are not a fair cross sample of the player base or even the Subscriber Player Base.
General discussion is the ONLY place in the forum to get a truly unbiased representation of the majority player base IMO. This has been the example in almost every game that has a forum, and I expect the same holds true here.

Almost all of the positive changes that have come to the game have come from GD suggestions, perhaps in small part, as opposed to other sections of the forum. There is a reason that many suggestions here directly line up with changes that became part of the game.

Because this is where the most representative section of the playerbase spends it's time.

Now, note, this poll, like any poll, is just to get a slice of opinion and multiply that across the entire group you are curious about. There is no real way to get the opinion of every single player, unless you do an in game poll of some kind. Again, the same goes for any poll.

The reason that polls are pretty good indicators is because they have always been traditionally good indicators. For every one person that answers a question, 1000 people would agree with them...arbitrary numbers, but you get the idea.

This poll suggests the majority of players desire extensions on class stories, something more than Makeb. Is is really that hard to believe that that would be the case across the entire playerbase? Also planets...falling in line with Makeb popularity, and minigames....pazaak and swoop racing being one of the most popular suggestions seems to fall in line with forum suggestions.

I believe this poll is a pretty good representation of the playerbase in it's entirety, and it's desires. Most of the folks in this forum that have accurately predicted what was coming to the game, what was happening to the game and how players would react fall in line with what the poll has demonstrated.

I'd say that is pretty convincing evidence.

Finally, I would say this directly to Bioware....

If you believe there is any desire from your majority playerbase for class story extensions, I would suggest you reconsider your decision to go with Makeb style only story expansions. Many folks have put forth sensible suggestions on how you provide class story extensions without increasing player level cap, and I suggested a way to combine both class stories and companion storylines with one small arc of 4 or 5 missions per class, developed and released one class at a time.

There are ways to provide story progression without it breaking the bank. Just consider it.