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That is because typically we do not allow polls on the forums. Due to that, forum accounts are not flagged to create them. However, Malckiah managed to find an issue we had with some forum permissions, one that I didn't know existed, and he was able to post this poll. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in GD

That issue has now been corrected and so poll creation should not be an option that anyone can see. Since this poll is already live though, I will let it ride!

Thanks everyone.


You have to admit though Eric... this poll has been good for the community and good for Bioware. I know you guys have great telemetry in game and many channels for feedback.... but what I appreciate about forum polls is that they separate player projection upon what "other players want" and allow the forum members to all have a equal voice into a reasonable gathering method to actually collectively state what players want.

I can see why polls could get out of hand in the forum and make for more moderation load for you and your staff... but it would be outstanding of you would initiate some polling from time to time to gather inputs from the forum members. We would be grateful if you did.
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