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I answered the poll, and I don't think it's a bad idea.


1. The poll has 414 people responding to it out of a 500,000 player base of subscribers. Preferred and F2P people can't even answer.

2. It suffers from Self-Selection Bias.

In other words Self-Selecting polls, ie polls where people choose to answer them rather then are randomly polled, are always biased and don't actually reflect the true opinions of the whole, but only those who are very interested in the topics being polled on. They are great "for fun" but Bioware should not take the results seriously and if they are interested in polling their user base they should conduct a truly random selected poll.
The only way to poll absolutely everyone (other than via email or issuing a phone survey) would be to build this sort of thing either into the launcher where players can fill it out before playing, or into the game itself as part of the support function. We're just players so we can't do that.

In the absence of ubiquity, this is all we as fans can do to help. It is an effort I applaud, and serves to provide a much better picture of what the core player base wants than those "join me or go away" petitions did.
If you once enjoyed the game but no longer do because of changes that were made, then you owe it to the game, yourself and others in your same situation to be not just heard but acknowledged and fully understood.

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