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11.07.2013 , 08:29 AM | #12
Here's my ratings

1. Agent - Best Story EVER, you cannot deny it. If you dont say Agent story is #1 then just leave
2. Warrior - Pretty Decent Story, But a bit stereotypical.
3. Smuggler (Unfinished, at Hoth right now) So far, decent story pretty funny, and decently written
4. Inquis (Seen all of story, but dont remember at Taris right now) Kinda Meh, it's just meh.
5. Bounty Hunter - It seems that either the writers were lazy and couldn't think of anything better or weren't given enough time. This story could have been much better
6. Jedi Consular - Havent even touched yet, but have seen, it was only meh.
7. Jedi Knight - (So far on Taris, at level 32, trying to avoid this story as much as possible) Boring as watching paint dry, no excitement, no joy in killing bad guys because full lightside...
8. Trooper - This story was damn BORING. It was SO predictable... I think the Trooper story was shoved to the last story to be worked on and the writers were just about done with the game's story at this point.