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It baffles me so many find it in them to want -more- class stories. Is this the type of fiction and writing you expect and want from your video games? 2000 talking heads explaining and unraveling storyline with all the speed a retreating glacier can pull. 20000 babysteps seperated from one another by magics of vanilla WoW era quest strucures. Dialogue cutscenes living and filmed inf ashion that reminds you of Hard Talk episode where camera manhas died mid-shooting. We already have talking heads and irrelevant dialogue wheels producing 40 hours worth of forgettable platitudes and you keep wanting for MORE?

Optimist in me wants to think this is some sort of a distortion.. users of official TOR forums maybe not being an accurate portrayal of playerbase. I dunno Also, 5 options to pick is way too much btw. Would have been neater had you made people make a choise. People can just pick alland everything they like now.
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