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11.07.2013 , 03:39 AM | #6
And a very quick fix would be allowing the discount on the web. If they can't make it to work in the game for everyone.... I know it's to promote the ingame purchase, but it really does not make any difference where you buy the CC.

Most of the people that can't buy in-game can buy in

I know if I lose the discount for this problem, I will stop subscribing a buying cartel coins, and I imagine more people will be angry enough to do that. And I wont even be angry because of the problem itsel, it will be for the support.

The fact that they tell you to call is also annoying. If I have to call to fix this issue, I'll end paying more in international calls than if I just buy the coins without discount, so not really an option. And my spoken english is good for a spaniard, but not good enough to feel confortable talking over the phone with an english customer support.

And don't make me start on the laziness of the ticket sistem...