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In functional terms how would a Sith Trooper be different from a Bounty Hunter/Republic Trooper? The Bounty Hunter is already the Imperial counterpart to the Trooper, and BW would not create a whole storyline just to duplicate an existing class' role.
That means the Sith Trooper would have to be something more than Bounty Hunter with a new storyline and look to justify the work. And then the Republic side would have to get a version of whatever the new Sith Trooper would bring to the game for their side, complete with storyline, to maintain parity. So, barring the addition of a neutral class, which a Sith Trooper obviously would not be, adding a new class would automatically mean adding two classes to the game.
very good points, do you think there will ever be new claases?
I just don't see it happening. Would be cool though...