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Earlier today I sent in a support ticket regarding an item sale that was posted this week on Hypercrates of the Vice Commandant pack on the Cartel Market. I purchased a crate of these at the standard price of -10% right before they were placed on sale for -50% off. I was already pretty irritated at the lack of communication of upcoming sales before I sent in the ticket aforementioned in the title, but after receiving a form letter from a CS rep who clearly did not even read my initial ticket before copy-pasting their response and immediately closing my ticket without allowing me an opportunity to respond, I am quite angry.

I would like a refund of the difference between the original -10% off price of the item that I paid, and the current, -50% off price, in Cartel Coins, credited to my account. Given the amount of money that I have put into this game and the fact that I am a Founder and Collector's Edition subscriber, I think I, at the very least, deserve an actual response from a human and not a mindless robotic form letter drone.

I apologize if I sound venomous, but this is not my first negative experience with the SWTOR Support system and it is easy to remember why I dreaded having to write that initial ticket in the first place, now.
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