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11.07.2013 , 12:41 AM | #1
Its unacceptable. Whatever punishment they have going on is not working. On the bastion i would say a team mate quits before the first round or doesn't show up in almost half the arenas. Quitting is absolutely rampant on this server on the imperial side.

I propose that if a player quits before the first round or queues up and doesn't enter the match twice within one hour there is a 6 hour debuff that prevents them from queuing solo ranked. Solo ranked is a unique situation in the game in that you put your fate in the hands of the (completely worthless) team generator AND your performance is
recorded, therefore it needs a better way to prevent players who don't care from constantly quitting and gimping the players who do

either implement harsher punishment or allow ignoring players as a means to avoid serial quitters