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11.06.2013 , 09:52 PM | #24
[QUOTE=CaptRogue;6922152]Just because you pay them, does not grant you the right to demand anything from them. lolz You make the choice to play this game, you make the choice to pay. They are not forcing you to do anything. lolz
They will fix this, if they know about this, in due time. Why not go to the right place in the forums or open a ticket about this, instead of whining & making demands?

For the record, I submitted a bug report over a month ago about this issue. I also opened a general ticket. They told me that it is a glitch, therefore this issue can't be resolved by customer service.

So yeah I have taken those steps. They didn't work. That's why I'm here complaining on the forums trying to get the developers attention.