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Here's the problem. This is not KotOR, this is The Old Republic. Revan's not the plot anymore (since KotOR 2, in fact!), he is instead the matter of legend (among the Jedi and the Sith - just look at the Revanites). If he turns up again and winds up saving the day, then I take back everything I said about TOR having a decent storyline right then and there, because it will be just cheesy, and showing of Bioware's desire of fawning over their own creations in an overblown manner.
If anything, they seem to be doing the opposite, as in turning him back into a "villain'. For both factions this time though. I mean, the plan to kill the entire Empire population with Sith race ancestry (which as HK-47 says is 97%) is unacceptable for both the Empire and the Republic and obviously not moral. Both him and the Emperor, in the place the story leaves them, seem obviously prepped for future main 'bosses' for both factions.