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Ok, lets discuss this in a civilized manner. Yes, they did too much with Revan, I will agree there. If they could have given him a heroic death in the book I would have been extremely happy with that. He was on the verge of defeating the Emperor with Meetra and Scourge, but after Scourge betrayed them, they lost. He should have died there, in a heroic last stand against the Emperor, in a battle he was about to win. THAT would be the ultimate end to a great story.
I agree, I just don't think he was about to win xD

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But no, they couldn't let Revan die, and so he became another *********** EU Luke Skywalker/Palpaine, living through everything and gaining so much stupid power that it became unbelievable, even in Star Wars. I really wish they would have just given him a heroic death like I mentioned, but they didn't, and so he got overplayed.
Now with that, I completely disagree. Revan died at the Foundry. And he didn't become an OP mofo, he's as fallible as ever. So much so that, as I elaborated on my former post, he fell to the Dark Side again, and was shamefully defeated again, only this time for good. To me, this single flashpoint redeems a decade of idiotic, anachronistic lore hijackings introduced with KotOR 1 and 2. I forgive Bioware for the lore-crime that was KotOR 1, because now they learned to adequately read and interpret the existing lore before creating a game storyline. So the heart of the matter, what really gets the fanboys is this: they're angry because Revan's no longer the superhero. Or never was, really (mind-wiped by the Jedi? It's another stupid KotOR creation, sure, but what happened to "the Force can have a powerful influence on the weak-minded"? Was Revan weak-minded? Because being mind-wiped is just ridiculous), except in people's fanciful imaginations.

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What I would like, is one last mission (republic), an operation in fact, where he fights along side the players, either visibly or "behind the scenes" and helps the player kill the Emperor, sacrificing himself to do so, binding his spirit to the Emperor's before becoming one with the Force, preventing the Emperor from switching bodies and giving Revan the death he deserves.
Revan's dead, mate. He died frothing, thinking he could commit to his usual "ends justify the means" approach regardless of cost. Let him go gracefully, while he still has some shred of an interesting and offbeat personality. He doesn't have to be a hero. The fact he was the antihero is the reason why he failed in the first place (both in the Mandalorian Wars and in the Foundry), and that's better than "the death he deserves" (the death you feel he deserves, really).

Here's the problem. This is not KotOR, this is The Old Republic. Revan's not the plot anymore (since KotOR 2, in fact!), he is instead the matter of legend (among the Jedi and the Sith - just look at the Revanites). If he turns up again and winds up saving the day, then I take back everything I said about TOR having a decent storyline right then and there, because it will be just cheesy, and showing of Bioware's desire of fawning over their own creations in an overblown manner.