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The majority of this game's development time has been to support PvE, what exactly is wrong with PvP getting some attention?

Nothing, In fact this x-pac gives me hope for an update of the PvE Space Combat. As someone who rarely PVPs due to an imbalance of both gear and experience this will give me a chance to PVP in a setting where most people are starting off on relatively equal footing (for subscribers atleast).


What can we expect in terms of updating the crafting system? My main is at 450 Artifice and it seems to me that crafting is a waste of time unless you take BioChem. Not too mention with the release of all the unique looking crystals on the Cartel Market, the main attraction for Artifice is gone. As well the second best part of artifice was never the hilt but the relics you could craft. I was sad to see that we had not been given an updated relic to craft.
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