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The top three are right in Bioware's wheelhouse. After GS, maybe a patch with a KOTOR-style minigame? As much as I openly support and thoroughly enjoy playing TOR, it really needs to get back to its roots to generate staying power imho.

I personally think that if dev introduced a new planet with an additional 5 levels worth of class stories once a year (starting with a patch to add class stories to 55 on Makeb) and added a minigame six months after the release of each new planet, this game's reputation and popularity would take off.
Exactly!....They don't have to do 3 chapters of class story every time.... Just do 1 chapter for each class a year, add 5 levels and viola!

I can say this, In my opinion, if they ever want to have a full out expansion where you go out and buy it and it is an exciting big deal, they will have to add class story, there is NO way around that.