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It's why I'm in favor of them doing it DLC style, alongside the regular patches rather than "instead" of them.
It is something that is expensive and takes up a lot of resources, so ideally it'd be a separate team working on it like with the Cartel Market team.
I'm also pretty much resigned to accepting that's wishful thinking and it's a risk they'll never take.
Yeah... I hear you. But, despite the fact that polls like this are flawed, this sample is at the very least statistically significant.

Again, BW doesn't have to deliver new class stories as full chapters etc. Small episodes adding to class stories will go a long way.


Revisit your stance on Class Stories. Forget the old model. Come up with a smaller more focused additions on a periodic basis (not all class stories need to be augmented at the same time). You will add value to your subscription and increase profits despite the production costs.