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yeah, but to have this x 8 is just insane overkill
Jedi Consular and Knight get the same "mission", with various unique responses based on their alignment, class, companions etc.

Agent and Inquisitor could get similar. Bounty Hunter and Warrior...

There are a couple of ways it could be done, but class stories should at least be seriously re-considered by the management, by developers, by the writing team, because it's something largely unique to this game (other games are giving us cut scenes and scripted stories and such, but this system of "choice"* and interaction is pretty much a SWTOR thing on the MMO market) and I genuinely believe that getting rid of class story is going to start devaluing story content as a whole in Bioware: Austin and we'll end up with no cut scenes, no options, no voice overs, and more generic terminal quests which amount to "go here and kill twenty of these dudes, now come back, get a shoe, go an kill fifty more."

*let's not debate this now