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On Dromand Kass as I'm sure many imperial players are aware there is a clan of Revanites hiding in the forest. After joining the Revanities you are rewarded with a simple title and told you can never return after going through a long set of missions. I think Bioware have missed a large opportunity to explore more about Revan esspically as they invented him in Knights of the Old Rebulic. This could be done for both Repulic and Imperial characters and could involve a lot better rewards and could be a seperate story line along side the main class story. I'm sure more people would love ti see more about Revan and continue in the story after Drummand Kass
Hopeful with enough decision and likes Bioware might act. Please like or leave comment.
I think the whole point was that you either make an Ls or Ds decision, if you could use them as allies or see them later then most would automatically choose Ls, just for story content, which is why you never see them again.

Which is a shame.
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