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Thank you for voicing your tastes for this game. They have been duly noted. As for the those of us who put operations in our top five, we'll respectfully disagree with your assessment of endgame content.

Edit: More than 30% of the respondents in this poll indicated that operations were a top five priority for them. That's nothing to sneeze at.
I wouldn't mind more OPs, but only if they were done differently, and made more like what we'd see in the movies. Fighting groups of MOBs just to get to the bosses, and not have the whole area alerted to your presence is absurd.

I'd much prefer something more realistic to the setting, and be different each time you do it. You know, something that might require strategy, and not just DPS/healing checks.

Off the top of my head, something cool would be getting the mission, have the area randomly generated, and then the group is shown a map to study, and then make plans from there. Finding, and marking objectives to take out, or turn to your advantage could be a part of it. Even finding ways to avoid being discovered would be nice. The better you do in that planning part, and then executing it would make the final objective easier.

The same old hit stuff 1000 times isn't working for me anymore.