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So, since there seems to be a pretty large amount of people experiencing connection issues lately, and there is a lack of an official consolidation thread on the topic, i've created this thread to help both players and the developers.

If you are having issues with your connection and the game, please read and follow the advice below.
Only post info relating to the game. Please dont go offtopic, as the more accurate info we can gather, the easier it will be for the developers to help you guys out.

NOTE: This is NOT a troubleshooting guide as such, but more of an information gathering thread. Although if people can help each other out with diagnosing the issues, feel free to do so.
When posting your log results, please make sure you post your Country/State/region/ISP and whether you are connected via wireless or cable.

Also, please post a log when you do not have any latency issues, and when you do. Make sure you note the times of each.

Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure if these Ip's are fully up to date, but they should be ok. Please correct me if i am wrong and i'll edit them.

If you play on an East Coast server:
If you play on a West Coast server:
If you play on a European server:

If you are slightly computer savvy, you can try the following to get the exact server IP:


Please click the button below for the first program.


Now for the second program.


As i said, ONLY post the info requested in order to keep things on topic and accurate. Thanks for your help.
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