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11.05.2013 , 04:16 PM | #20
I cannot understand why people get so worked up about a blank slate, uninteresting character, whose only thing he has going for him being a rad stylish robe-mask combination and a creepy old lady fawning over his character (and embellishing both his intentions and his morality) to lure and goad a hapless broken Jedi.

Then the creator of this damnable creature goes and shapes him, makes him just a bloody human, like every other Jedi Master or Sith Lord that is actually cool (Yoda, Vader, Sidious, Tyranus, Obi-wan, they all had one thing in common - they were fallible, and all had their hopes and dreams dashed at one point, in an overpowering manner). And now the fanboys begin to whine because he gets mopped up a handful of times through the story.


And on the Revanite side of things, I do admit I would enjoy smoking them out of the Empire on other planets than Dromund Kaas. One of the best lines in the Foundry is Revan's own words about the Revanites, dispelling the fancies people have about "Gray Side".