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Yes that can be true, but how can it be considering this thread is still up and not closed. But what about this; In beta a item was used to summon this thing, that isn't out of reach just yet, DT in Section X at 10 stacks drops a charm that unlocks a boss called Dreadful Entity in a 55 12man operation. That boss is said to drop something somewhat similar to kill another boss named Hateful Entity I believe in a 55 12m operation. That boss has yet to be defeated and shown off with the specific item he drops but that could apply the correct buff to hit this unlocking the final sequence of the long boss fight in a second sense. This is a bit far off but trying to connect this with Queen Of The Sands that is going to become active in patch 2.3 or so better known as Dread Masters Patch. Would the chain move onto those two ops? I don't know but it would help explain a little but more about the "Dragon" that is on tattooing.
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