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yeah, you "think" again (cringe)

I play PvP, did I vote "game needs more PvP"? Do you see my name there? No.

You PvE-only extremists always love to pretend there is a PvE vs. PvP debate, in reality there are normal people who simply play everything because not everyone is a PvP hating carebear, but I still think this game needs other cool stuff first before adding more PvP maps.

Anyway, this poll is a big fat joke. Lots of shoulder patting going on here, the reality of what this game needs is outside of this forum, look it up in the unsubscribers thread or on
Nice try pal. But I'm not a PvE extremist. Never have been. I PvP with my guld mates, and generally always do in MMOs. That said.. I prefer PvP in TSW to SWTOR.

AND.. as much as you wish the poll were a's not (no matter how much you protest and stomp your feet). It is a polling based reflection of the preference of subscribers today. Nobody cares what the rabid playerbase in January 2012 wants.. because frankly they don't care about the game and so their thoughts are irrelevant. Quitters don't get a vote because what they want does not exist in any MMO anyway. They are wandering locusts who consume and then contempt every MMO they play. All they need is a stream of new MMOs to play through on their 30 days play time and then discard and wander the internet ranting and spewing anywhere someone will listen.
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