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Clearly it is still class stories by a WIDE margin. I would speculate this is due to the game's large casual population, and this small slice could be seen to represent that.

Naturally there will be folks that will deny that when no evidence exists, then dismiss evidence when it is presented. That is to be expected.

I do feel there is a way they could present both class and companion storyline progression without the need to add more levels or expansions to the game, if they do so one class at a time....very small story arcs, perhaps 3 or 4 missions a pop that will advance the story and companion story further.

This way they could, at least in part, satiate some of that desire while minimizing investment in time and cost.

I believe that the planet option was chosen by most as a Makeb sort of thing, but that is just a baseless guess. If that is the case, then it looks like it will fall like this...

1) Extension of class stories
2) Addition of minigames
3) New planets added, perhaps in Makeb style with level expansions or small story arcs like Ori.

I would see that as development priorities.
Well, IMO they have a gold mine here. It seems that BW is getting wrapped around the wheel when thinking about advancing Class story lines by thinking they need to deliver full chapters. They don't need deliver stories in that way. Small episodic additions to each class story in a routine fashion will go a long way even if not all stories are covered in each episode. Yes, they should be the building blocks of chapters, but again they don't have to be full blown novellas in one shot.

Essentially what I see is a market for continuing stories in the small form, much like comic books. I guarantee such an activity followed up by patches adding more features to the the game and maybe a full blown expansion broadening the story arcs among other things will make this game a sub worth having long term. It would broaden the term subscription to be more like a sub for a magazine or comic.

Companion stories could be a part of these episodes as well.

Now, it would be expensive, but a continuing and episodic story line will be huge draw to satiate the hunger of SW fans in general who are always looking for more stories and an expanding universe. My guess is such a strategy would bring back many players and bring in many new players increasing profit margins despite a continuing high cost development.