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That's quite an interesting idea. If they originally planned on x million subscribers at $15 a month being enough to let them take the class stories to chapter much would the monthly rate have to increase to match that revenue stream with the stabilized(?) subscriber base?

Yeah, I'd be willing to go higher than $15, if that's what it took...
Yeah, I thought by supporting the Cartel Market I was supporting the game but it seems that the cartel market is only supporting the cartel market. I got Vette the smugglers outfit the other day and as I was putting mods in it I realised I never used her any more as was evident by the level of her gear. In fact unless I walk into the engine room I never see her and she never has anything to say. Making putting her in an outfit that I think suits her some what pointless and a waste of CC's. Though I suspect not as much as gambling on a lock box.

It would have been nice if the money made from CC was put back in the game for chances to see the new outfits in cut scenes and continuation of the story rather than only the backs as we collect missions from boxes.