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11.04.2013 , 04:50 PM | #9
I love new content, and they have done a great job of keeping it coming. But they need to take a step back and really work on quality of life features and remove allot of the obstacles in the game that take away from it's fun.

The most important would some sort of mentor/level adjusting system. In a game where leveling alts is so abundant, it really sucks when you can't play with your friends because you are too high or too low level. They also need to add a dual/multi spec and gear loadout switching system. We can repsec free and all, but it's a clunky and cumbersome way to fill a role on the fly. And remove mob tagging and slow clicky respawns, nothing worse than waiting in line to finish your quest because there are other people playing the game too. It's an MMO, we need features that allow people to play together more, not less. You shouldn't always have to be in group to help the guy next to you.

I am sure we could all come up with more quality of life and convenience features that would just make playing the game more fluid and fun for all. Content is great, but if unnecessary obstacles get in the way of playing that content then people aren't going to play it as much.