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Each WZ is different. Is that so bad? They each require different things and not everyone will enjoy all 4. I hardly see a reason to complain here.

NC - Your ability to properly attack and defend nodes
Voidstar - Your ability to properly attack and defend nodes
Huttball - Your ability to navigate obstacles and score
Hypergate - Your ability to kill

Its a deathmatch WZ. You may not like it, but I don't think its asking to much for people to just chill out and let us deathmatchers enjoy the map. If anything, the complaint should be that you want a way to avoid a certain map, not that the map should be removed.

On a side note, I enjoy coming up with ways to win the new WZ. It seems like many people are lemmings with no motivation whatsoever, and really are clueless on that map. They just run around at random because they can't be bothered to stop and think about what would help them win. I feel like by suggesting a strategy to my team, we already know a secret that the other team doesn't know.
But it is not a pure deathmatch, in that the totals aren't added to your overall score until the pylon detonation and reset. In that way, it is a hybrid "deathmatch"-"hierarchical objective" based game. As such, the Pylons are the primary goals; deaths are secondary goals; and orbs are tertiary goals -- in that order.

When the descriptions were posted, the devs called it a convergence map. And, that is an accurate description. The problem is that most players do not realize that it is convergence at the middle. It is convergence on the pylon zones first -- followed by the middle. Consequently, most players are not playing the optimum strategy for this particular warzone (perhaps due to habits developed in the other wzs).