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12.13.2011 , 03:00 PM | #23
back in the old days you had to sit around spamming chat looking for a group. Most of the time, you never could get a group. Or you get a group, spend a hour getting to the instance, only to have someone drop, then you have to go back to the city and spam LFG, General, etc... Yeah, that sure was fun.

There are no rules which force people to use a dungeon finder / lfg tool. You want to feel nostalgic and spam general all day trying to find a group, go ahead. the majority of players do not want to.

BTW - this has nothing to do with world exploration. If there are fun/worth while things to do in the world, people will venture out. In WOW, there is nothing to do outside the cities once you are done leveling.

Maybe rather than porting into the instance, you should port to the nearest hub?