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Had quite the experience in Hammer station last night. My main tank is jugg lvl55 with 33k hp (66+69 purples+1x72), not top, but i am still working on it, so off to gf, and - voila - insta pop HM Hammer station. Guildmate with oricon head gear also gets rolled in the group, so we say Hi, and all goes well up to the mining droid. Now, i have done this FP a couple of times, but now my HP seems to drop quite fast, and eventually I die ... sorc resses me, and tells that "you are a bit undergeared for this fp" ... well .. that was no problem up to this point, and thats why i run these fp-s to gear up ... now i do notice, that this stacking debuff gets up to as high as 8 before being clensed, and also see that there are no shields on me ... anyway, its a wipe, and the 2 dps quit (i dunno why, they dont say). I feel guilty and furious, anyway I try to reason with healer that maybe clensing and shield spamming will work .. After a few mins we get 2 new dps, and the rest of the fp goes smooth somehow ...
If heals doesn't cleans the laser at 5 stacks, you're gonna have a bad time =p

The laser does nothing pretty much every other round with Force Shroud for Shadows/sins, but other then that it better be cleansed or it's going to be a wipe.