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11.02.2013 , 03:56 AM | #41
I am having issues with the launcher hanging on patch downloads. I have been happily playing the game since it started and have many characters topped out. I was away for a month and when I got back I expected I would have a bunch of patches to download.
I can login, but then it goes to "Downloading Main Assets..." with out a download bar. Then it says "Resuming Main Assets...". Then we go back to "Downloading Main Assets..." with a message "Network error while downloading patch data. Retrying... (310)". I do not have the ST in the lower left corner. I have had it at times with all the attempts to fix this problem over the last week and a half. I have reloaded the game from disc twice.
I have followed every instruction sent to me and some suggested in this form. Nothing helps.
I have run pathping and tracert which seem to time out when they get to Seattle. I am on a 30MB cable modem, so speed should not be a problem. I have sent all the files asked for to support, but never heard back as to what they saw or found. I was just told to come here for help.