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11.01.2013 , 07:45 PM | #1144
Was a HM Hammer station.

I was a vanguard tank, and had a Scoundrel Healer (was in 63's but succesfully healed the entirety of SM Dread Fortress beforehand as well as almost all of Dread Palace, though the council bugged and we pulled out), a sentinel and a gunslinger. The op was going pretty well, though I failed with holding thread against the combat sentinel against the first couple of trash pulls and he died (he blamed himself, we joked about it, and then I put the guard on him for the rest of the fight). The gunslinger stays pretty quiet for the whole time.

We get onto the first boss, and get him down to about 50% health and the scoundrel forgets to cleanse the heat beam, and I die. He then resses me, but the momentum of the fight is lost and both the sentinel and the slinger get taken out, but just me and the healer managed to down the boss from 40% - 0% (he was an amazing healer).

Then the slinger leaves without a word.

"Who needs him" I say, pulled out Aric, put my DPS gear on him, and we finished the flashpoint with the only other death being Aric to a grenade against Kresshan (controlling where he stands is hard)