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Quote: Originally Posted by Shandellon View Post
So you added 8man parses but didnt add mine form 16?

Btw, doing this now on my tactics Vang, quite hilarious, should have some results in few hours -.-
Where? o_O

Yeah, i'm adding some geared 8-man parses from non-fotm classes until someone from the 16-m HM guilds mains a jugg or shadow dps for example

There's no need for Operatives or Scoundrels, they are proven to be Top DPS even beating FOTM classes in some fights. Sage DPS is fine, but not popular, Merc DPS is fine but only a few can make good parses. Marauders just lost their limelight to the Snipers/Slingers because of their melee requirement and Lolbital is very powerful right now (soon to be nerfed, can't talk bout it unfortunately). Edit: and i forgot about VGs and Powertechs. The Hybrid build is very strong as proven by C-tor but again like Sage , Merc and Marauder DPS at the moment, they're a combination of

1. Melee
2. Not that popular
3. Hard to do top DPS with.

So that leaves Guardians/Juggs, Shadows/Sins DPS.
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