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As somebody currently playing both, here's how they match up. Not counting stuff like graphics since TOR is the obvious winner at that due to being newer.

PvE: WoW
Lore: Evenish, slightly in TOR's favor I'd say.
RP friendly: WoW.
Game performance: WoW
Quality of life stuff: WoW
Community: TOR

I like them both. I'm burned out of WoW atm and not really playing it, my sub ends next week and I'm debating whether to let it renew., but WoW is overall the better game, there are no questions. Frankly, WoW will always be the better game because of TOR's engine, it limits what can be done, and performance will always be sub-standard because of it. I will say that performance is a bit better, and Oricon doesn't have those areas of random FPS drops that Makeb does, but the engine is still terrible and short of overhauling it which I doubt will ever happen anytime soon, the best BW can do is make optimizations here and there.

While WoW will always be the better game, the gap between them could be really close if BW would stop adding in new bugs every patch while ignoring old ones, fix up a lot of stuff that needs fixing, add in cross-server and possibly merge Bastion/POT5 and JC/Shadowlands, make the game more RP'er friendly, add in more guild stuff, add in fun little distracts like pazaak, and make some class balance tweaks. If even most of these things were done, we'd see a massive rise in population.
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