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The dogs can't be controlled. They'll attack whom they please in the area so the healer needs to keep everyone up and DPS needs to mark one to burn down first, then take care of the the other while the tank holds the boss up top so his red circle of love doesn't take everyone's head off.

On Varad, the tank usually has to work between Varad and the turrets to keep aggro on himself, especially tanking as a Jugg. It really shouldn't be a problem as again, DPS should have a burn order--usually closest turret first--meaning that the other turret and Varad should have no reason to even look in their direction. I've never paid it much attention but Maras and others may even be able to CC stun the second turret while the first one is taken down.
Spot on. Tank ignores dogs.

In var ad fight, tanks won't do enough damage to var ad to push him over (20%) unless the DPS really suck. So one of thedps was focusing var ad or dropping heavy aoe on him. However, tank should still be focusing the correct turret to keep agro on it (as well as tossing a couple abilities on the second turret to keep it off healer)

Sounds like both times it wasn't a tank issue. Fancy that.
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