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I played WOW for about 5 and a half years.. From shortly before Burning Crusade was released to just after Cataclysm..

In many ways I would like to put SWTOR and WOW in a mixing bowl and mix them.. I would like WOW, just with Star Wars...

This things I miss about WOW I would love to be added to this game..

In game calendar..

Tons and tons of events and holidays.. They don't have to be the traditional Halloween or Christmas.. But still it would be nice to have some themed quests, decorations on the fleet and some of the other camps and cities.. Maybe a traveling festival with their own quests and activities.. I would like a womp rat hunting contest on Tatooine..

We need tons of rare spawns, and secret bosses that we have to perform certain things to unlock..

In the end, just over all more to do... Make the Gree event truly reoccurring.. It would be nice to know when that will be going on again.. Have the bounty thing happen more than one week a month..

Oh and put a little less effort into the content of the Cartel Market.. Perhaps if they spend more time on the stuff above, they won't need the Cartel Market.. Not that I think they will ever get rid of it.. But they will certainly boost their subscriptions..
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