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Either at the dog-beast guy because the tank isn't constantly trying to kite the dogs away from the healer/DPS --they will devour those classes/roles very, very quickly-- or at the end-boss because of AoE tagging the boss whilst fighting the turrets and not killing them fast enough (it seems that tagging the boss whilst the turrets are up will "enrage" the turrets, and then they just alpha everyone.).

Last attempt, six wipes before I finally rage-quit with a 40,000+ cred repair bill, something I normally would never do in an FP.

Attention, everyone new to [HARD] modes:

Research, be geared well, and be extra-careful in Mandalorian Raiders, but most of all:

Don't be a bad, that instance will not forgive prancing Cartel Market clothes-horse derpitude the way some others do.
The dogs can't be controlled. They'll attack whom they please in the area so the healer needs to keep everyone up and DPS needs to mark one to burn down first, then take care of the the other while the tank holds the boss up top so his red circle of love doesn't take everyone's head off.

On Varad, the tank usually has to work between Varad and the turrets to keep aggro on himself, especially tanking as a Jugg. It really shouldn't be a problem as again, DPS should have a burn order--usually closest turret first--meaning that the other turret and Varad should have no reason to even look in their direction. I've never paid it much attention but Maras and others may even be able to CC stun the second turret while the first one is taken down.