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I may have been at fault in this story.

I typically play as a Republic player. However, I queued in group finder for a flashpoint as a tank - sith jugg. It was an insta-pop. This was my 2nd imperial character, however my first toon never got to run this flashpoint. The flashpoint was - The Foundry (SM) . I was interested in seeing the story with how it connects to the Boarding Party storyline.

Someone says 'hello" in group chat. I announce in group chat that it was my first time in here. Someone else responds "No problem, we will tell you what to do" or something along those lines. I get up to the first conversation and begin to watch the story conversation. The same person who said they would tell me what to do kept typing "press spacebar". After the 3rd time he typed it I replieid, "but it's my first time here, I'd like to see the story". The reply was something like "We dont have time for that".

So, I said I was sorry, and that I would leave and I dropped group. Hopefully they found a new space-bar friendly tank after that.

I plan to solo the flashpoint on my lvl 55 assassin to enjoy the story first. Do you guys think I was at fault?

I don't think anyone is at fault. You and the group had different goals so you solved the problem
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