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So I was in Mandolorian Raiders SM leveling my new gunslinger. Everybody’s zoning in and I start the hellos the other dps and heals say hey but nothing from the tank. Ok no big deal I have had times where nobody said hello back and the run was smooth so I don’t think anything of it. Then the tank runs ahead and starts the action with the group that runs out of the doors, again I think nothing of it these are just trash mobs and its common in SM and HM for someone to run ahead and down these real quick.

However he didn’t down them he immediately runs over to the door that opens up and lets you in to the FP and starts engaging this group to leaving the other group I guess for us to handle along with the new group he’s just agro-ed. Thankfully the healer was up to par and was able to keep everybody alive. Everybody was taking serious damage except me I have several other alts and my 25 gunslingers gear it all purple modded out. I am sure the healer was at least thankful he didn’t have to waist energy on me to because from the looks of it he’s gonna need it all for our superman tank who won’t stop to even regain his own health.

So we are running through the FP at this break neck pace the tank won’t stop for anyone to regain health or recharge energy. Several times he’s close to death and the healer who was awesome was somehow able to keep him and the other dps up. The whole time the tank doesn’t stop not for one second, now I understand the want to get it done as quickly as possible I have run in groups like this before. But the tank in my opinion was being a total butt about it not letting anyone regain HP or energy including himself. We then come to the first boss with the dogs again the tank doesn’t stop he just runs in right after the fight with the dogs in the hallway. Again not stopping to regain health or energy it was at this point where I start to get really annoyed. Especially because in the previous fight the tank couldn’t hold agro and I was almost beat down because of it so I was for the first time at low HP and energy.

He just runs in low health low energy and everybody else is to. Again he losses agro to me and the boss kept running over and attacking me, the dogs were on the healer. The tank for the first time in the whole FP finally speaks but it’s only to spam the chat saying “DON’T HIT BOSS”. Had he any sense he would have realized I wasn’t I was on the dogs but because of his pig headedness he was probably out of taunts or didn’t have enough energy to use them and could no longer keep agro. So I am trying to get the dogs of the healer and run from the boss at the same time. I really can’t say what the other dps is doing as I am trying to save myself and our healer.

Somehow (again I chalk this up to abilities of our healer ) we down him. So now everybody is spent and I’m thinking surely he will rest for a sec now, nope he runs into the next room and starts the fight. I ran in and helped out and here we have our first death of the FP our other dps died. After the fight we rez the dps and then I see in chat the tank start a countdown 5,4,3,2,1 and the other dps isn’t even at full strength yet. It is here I left the group I say to the tank “I’m out I don’t like your attitude” then hit the quit group button he then says “What? Keep it moving” to which I reply “I understand that but you’re a butt about it”. As I am zoning back into my previous location I see whispers from the tank saying “Put me on your iggy list You’re a noob” “hahahaha lalalalalala NOOB!” “ I simply said to him before I put him on ignore “And you’re an a**! Who before long will be on everybodies ignore list.” I don’t know if he had any more to say after that as he went on ignore immediately but I have been running into a lot of tanks like this in the lower lvl fps lately. It’s really making me not want to do them until I get my new gunslinger to 55.
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