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10.30.2013 , 11:36 AM | #1121
Czerka core Meltdown HM.

Join group in progress as DPS, they are on one of the mini-bosses (the one that creates the sandstorm and has to be tanked near a generator. No one is talking in chat,, not even responding to hello. Tank finally attacks beast and stays in center. He does not walk beast over to generator and the sandstorm is eating us up slowly. Tank dies, wipe. I type in to say when generator glows, tank the beast over there so he destroys the generator. No response from tank. Second try, same thing, but he tanks boss near a non-lit generator. I type in "move him over here" to the lit generator. tank doesn't taunt to hold aggro, beast wipes healer and me. Other DPS quits, we get new one. Third try, same thing, tank dies nearly instantly. At this point healer says "I've had it" and we bail.

The tank was a 55, didn't check his gear but not sure how he ever could have got to 55 playing that way.
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