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10.30.2013 , 02:53 AM | #1120
Czerka Labs HM.

So okay, the trash was cleared with a breeze. I'm on my main healer. I noticed this Sage DPS being 26k in health and I thought "this would be interesting" and boy, I was right.

Nevermind the 26k health and gear if you know what you're doing, I thought. We arrived at the 1st boss, that big droid. Droid channelled "Charged Plating" and the water turns electric. Guess what, the sage DPS just freaking stands there in the electric water. I healed him up to full. Then the electric water happens again. He still stands idle in the water. I pulled him to me.

He gets pulled by the droid again, and STILL STANDS THERE WHILE BEING ELECTRIFIED BY THE WATER. He died. He blamed the adds on general chat. Of course, of course, the adds. I replied "the water". K. He asked for a rezz. K. So I did.

He got up, I healed him, luckily the tank was decent, so I don't really need to heal him all the time. And again, he still stands there in the electric water and ultimately died. So we were 3 manning the droid and of course, it enraged. So here I am as a Sage healer supplementing DPS and healing through the enraged droid. We made it.

I whispered to the tank that I don't mind for a vote kick. The tank did, but alas the vote kick failed perhaps because the other DPS didn't confirm it. We got to the Chief Zokar. He was lucky he didn't get targeted by the dreaded 27k dmg rocket until he finally did. He didn't move away from any AOEs. At this point I'm so close to crying. But I said to myself--it's a challenge to heal. We did the last boss pretty quickly cause it was just me and the tank navigating the fight and adds.

I'm tempted to teach that Sage how to play, but meh, RL calls.