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10.29.2013 , 11:34 PM | #1118
Running Foundry today, SM, not expecting anything too crazy. Mara so I naturally have to run around on my quest waiting for GF to pop as not many guildies were on. We get in and from the start it's the healer. Have to wait for him to respec which took about the longest I've ever seen it take. So, we get into the FP and he's whining about every little thing. Granted the tank is clearly still learning as I'm having to CC bots multiple times due to poorly executed aoe, but we're really not having any major issues so why not just accept that it's low-level and we're surviving nicely?

We get to the pull with the three Jedi, then the pair of heavy extermination droids and pair of humanoid extermination adds. It seems that the tank somehow managed to aggro the whole room at once within a few seconds, but whatever, I CC on of the big bots and proceed to cut down the weaker bots and then attack as necessary to keep aggro off the healer. We survive with no one going lower than half way on the health bar so no big deal. The healer starts screaming that the Jugg needs to hold aggro. Well, in that situation anyone who's played for a while knows that just isn't something a Jugg is going to manage very easily, more so if he's newer to tanking, and between myself and the other DPS we managed to keep most everything off of the healer and used cooldowns and abilities as necessary to make things go as smoothly as possible. Regardless I have to go back and forth with the healer about with the crisis having been averted there's really no reason to rant and rave over it.

So we get to HK and things are going okay. The tank is losing aggro to me but taunting back, no one is breaking CC--I hit one of the heavy bots when they pop to keep things easier on healing and DPS--and the rotations are going fine. Hitting HK for a few on the core but I glitch and end up getting killed when the core drops. Again, newer tank so after that he has trouble keeping aggro focused on him and the other dps drops, then the tank, then the healer. After we res there's a smart remark about how that must have been his fault--his heals were not really up to snuff, but they were survivable so I wasn't going to harp on it--and I simply say I glitched, so no worries. Well, he goes on another mini rant then quits. Down one whiny Op healer. We share a few comments along the lines of good riddance, I throw him on ignore, and we proceed to wait for GF to bring us glad tidings.

A few minutes later we get a lower level sorc healer who puts him to shame. Much better use of resources and much more timely healing. After we quickly down HK the tank comments on the noticeably improved healing from our new friend and states that perhaps our old healer just sucked, to which I replied that it was clear our now former comrade clearly sucked something. We breeze through the rest of the FP with our attentive healer keeping me up easily even when I steal aggro. No issues on momma worm, the bot, or Senor Revan. It was a much better time for all.

In the end I can't see the point in rage quitting a lower level FP after one wipe. You're pugging. Accept that you're running not only with unfamiliar partners and without voice, but also possibly less experienced players. Today was simply a reminder of why I always look to fill up FP and Op groups from the guild. It would have been a simple thing for the healer to offer some constructive criticism to the tank, but he instead was a complete ***. Definitely satisfied knowing that even with our brief wait we were able to finish in less time and in a better mood than we would have with him still in tow.