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in terms fo the warding relic: if its post mitigation (if shield takes priority, then it would just be armor and internal resistance), that makes it light years better than the other relics. it does make it hard to keep track of though... i think best case would be to get the warding proc on leftover damage from an absorbed kinetic/energy attack... in terms of backing out the pre mitigation damage reduced.
Hmm... I haven't seen a case where it combines with a shield roll. What it looks like is that if defence/shield/resist rolls all fail, then that damage is absorbed. Even so, I have yet to see an instance where the buff has gone to waste. What makes it hard to track though is that "loses shield defence" only appears in the log if the the damage is split. Might be a bug.

Addendum: I might be wrong. I'm going through the full log and sometimes 740 absorbed comes from "hit" and sometimes it comes from "glance" (ie shielded). I also see an instance where Blade Barrier is on and absorbs 3 internal damage hits, cause the proc not to be consumed.