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10.29.2013 , 04:09 PM | #1116
PuG'ing Rep-side in 50/55 [HARD] Flashpoints, I seem to notice an awful lot of Gunslingers --always fem-toons, dressed to the ****-nines in CM crap, almost certainly played by guys, spamming /dance whenever we have a wait for someone or whatever-- being total derp-heroes, and immature drama-llamas.

I wish that would stop, they're giving my beloved AC a bad name on a great many levels.

Thankfully, Imp-side, on my Mercs (damager, my other beloved AC) this is much less common. Also, the damager-Mandos I PuG with Rep-side usually seem to know what they're doing as well. Same is true for Snipers, I'm happy to note, although I almost never see those in FPs, if I'm PuG'ing my Eng-Sniper, then I'm most often the only Sniper in the group.

But please, all Gunslingers:

Learn your class, learn your role, stop being a douche --our class is worthy of much better, and if you must, then roll a smasher.
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